Blind Chihuahua

SAE Work Placement


Live concert experiences in the metaverse, straight from your browser! Immersive content studio and platform.

Tasks I worked on in this project:
- Setup a local pixel streaming environment for testing.
- Created an AWS EC2 GPU gaming instance, Elastic IP, STUN and TURN servers.
- Created a pixel streaming project that streams video from S3 and uploaded this project to AWS.
- Provided a working solution to correct some major audio issues in the game build.
- Helped to implement this solution and setup S3 streaming inside the project.
- Created the blueprints to allow for browser events to trigger actions inside the pixel streamed UE4 game.

Host Feedback:
We enjoyed working with James very much. James was a great addition to our team and took initiative in new and unproven technical challenges and proved invaluable in all tasks.
He has an extraordinary work ethic and is focused and present when on the job. He is very good within a collaborative team, and is very encouraging and patient with other team members. James has a great technical knowledge of both the network requirements and overall understanding of the engine itself.
James has obvious skills and experience in team based workplaces and brings that to the table.
I would work with James in any circumstance and I would encourage anyone to have him on their team, he is indeed an asset and I highly recommend him.
Paula Jones - Blind Chihuahua

Project Tags: pixel-streaming, aws, ue4, blindchihuahua, sae