UE4 AWS Pixel Streaming



In my final Trimester at SAE Institute I fulfilled my 80 hrs of work placement at Blind Chihuahua who are creating a multiplayer virtual space designed for live entertainment events.
Whilst working there I was tasked with some of the more complicated tasks and as I previously already had an interest in pixel streaming I was tasked with investigating some AV issues occurring in the streaming process.
To work through these issues I created a side project which was a pixel streaming demo running on a Sydney Based EC2 Gaming PC Instance.
This allowed me to test a minimal project with excellent latency and Eliminate any external issues.
By then end of my work placement the issues were solved and I had helped to implement an improved S3 based streaming integration and had also laid the groundwork for Sydney based EC2 and local testing of pixel streaming applications.

Project Tags: pixel-streaming, aws, ue4, blindchihuahua, sae, javascript, html