Photogrammetry / 3D Modelling

SAE Institute


Whilst studying at SAE I had an animation project which involved both environment and asset creation.
I took this opportunity to take a deep dive into photogrammetry, a process which I had played with in the past but never mastered.
For this project I created a 3D model of a chair in my home. The goal of this scan was to create the most photorealistic asset I could whilst also providing a game ready asset with a clean and optimised poly count.
I used a DSLR to capture the images, Agisoft to build the cloud and texture and mesh, then cleaned up the mesh in z-brush. I was going to take this into substance painter for touch-ups but I didnt need to.
Then to present the model I brought the chair into a Twin Motion (UE4) project which I was also working on at the time.

Whilst studying at SAE I also created a pirate scene, treasure chest and also used maya to create the lower deck of a VR Yacht project.

Project Tags: maya, 3d-model, ue4
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