Ski-Pass / Photo Linker

Perisher Ski Resort


This project started as a side project whilst I was a mountain photographer working at Perisher Ski Resort. As a photographer we were provided equipment to manage the linking of our customers NFC pass data to the images we were capturing. A 3rd party was the supplier for the scanning solution but we were constantly experiencing issues and data losses. Being an innovator at heart I knew I could build something to handle this relitively simple task so I took it upon myself to develop a prototype that ended up having a perfect track record and solved our issues. This device was approved by Perisher and multiple units were created. This project involved a lot of electronic circuit design and construction, 3D printing and Raspberry Pi programming. The program was written in Python. These days I have developed an app to do the same job which runs on a Zebra PDT.

Project Tags: nfc, python, raspberry-pi, electronics, soldering, wifi-sd-cards, perisher, photostream, venue-connect