PhotoStream Photo system

Cocktails Nightclub


This project is a solution to replace the pre existing nitelife system which was not designed for regularly uploading photos on the same night.
This system was designed to simplify the process of putting customer photos on the venue tvs throughout the night with minimal effort.
The system has come a long way and is very resilient to RF interference, uses android devices to scan customer IDs and can link a customer to a captured image then upload this image to a website in realtime.
This project is receiving continual updates and pushing the limits on what is possible in this space.
This system also allows the venue to manage their in venue advertising slides from one central location.
The management application also allows for different content to be shown in different zones e.g VIP bar vs main room.

Project Tags: raspberry-pi, apache, lan-networking, laravel, php, android, zebra-devices, QR-codes, lan-networking, wifi-networking, unifi-devices, wifi-sd-cards, cocktails, photostream, venue-connect, aws, java-kotlin