Sydney Bridge Climb

An internal tool for validating cashback claims

July 2023

I worked on this project whilst employed by Trybz. Trybz was subcontracted to do the dev work for Think Wink a company that specialises in rewards and cashback programs.

This Laravel & Vue.js application was designed to replace the existing workflow of manually validating cashback claims through a spreadsheet. The platform is used to validate a users residential address, validate their purchase and then issue a cashback gift card. It also includes features to flag suspicious claims or to flag other issues through the process.

This build underwent a few iterations to find the best solution for the client. The result being a project that has streamlined the cashback claim process and has drastically reduced the time it takes to validate a claim, whilst reducing errors and complexity.

This project was primarily built by myself with some assistance from another member of the team in the early stages.

Because this is an internal tool with sensitive customer data I am unable to share any login protected pages.

Used in this project:
  • - Laravel 10
  • - Vue.js
  • - S3 & CloudFront
  • - CSV import, ingest and export
  • - MySQL
an image showing a bridge climber
a screenshot showing the bridge climb claims homepage
another screenshot of the claim submission page
A screenshot showing the cashback amounts