RACQ Benefits

A cashback program for RACQ members

November 2023

I worked on this project whilst employed by Trybz. Trybz was subcontracted to do the dev work for Think Wink a company that specialises in rewards and cashback programs.

This Next.js 14 application was designed with high traffic in mind and underwent rigorous testing including a $10K penetration test which it passed.

This was a rapid build where it went from a flexible wire-frame to production ready in 4 weeks.

RACQ was very pleased with the quality and pace at which it was built and we received multiple compliments on our work.

This project was primarily built by myself with assistance from our junior, where I handled the majority of the backend and prepared the frontend for styling then our junior matched our build to match the client designs.

This project connects to Think Wink's existing custom API which provides all of the retailer, offers, promos etc

Used in this project:
  • - Next.js 14
  • - Next Auth with Okta
  • - Redis based rate limiter
  • - Reach Email & Resend
  • - Server Actions
  • - NextUI & TailwindCSS
  • - New Relic
a screenshot of the home page
a screenshot of the retailers page
A screenshot of the categories page
A screenshot of the SSO login screen
A screenshot of the retailer page
A screenshot of the users clicks page
A screenshot of the card redemption process
A screenshot of a successful giftcard redemption