Venue Connect

Freelance - Content distribution API for venues

2019 - 2023

Venue connect is a side project I developed to solve some client issues they was having with storage costs and content distribution.
The solution is primarily content distribution API tailored to nightclubs and venues.
The system allows for the uploading of photo albums, events, and other content.
This content is then available to be consumed by the in venue TV advertising system, their website, and other external platforms.

The Venue Connect project also encompasses these other systems:

  • - TV System - This is a laravel application that handles the advertising, photos and custom slides shown on the in venue TVs
  • - Android Photographer App - This primarily handles uploading the photographers photos directly from their SD card to the TV System. This app also has the ability to scan QR and NFC tags and embed this data into the image. This allows the photo to be assigned to an individual patrons account.
The venue connect logo